Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Odds of Coupling

Have you ever stopped to think how hard coupling is on a spiritual level? What are the odds of two people connecting with one another when there is stiff competition on both sides to win one or both of the people in the relationship?

When you see it for what it is, those of us who find a suitable mate that truly loves us and wants to commit only to us are truly blessed. Don't take your miracle for granted because your spouse is your miracle and your partner for life. Just something to chew on.


Wanda said...

Just cam across your blog today. It seems you're providing some good wisdom for those who are married.

UNIQUE said...

I just married February 16, 2009; the things God did for us. My wife is a minister and I am a elder, the dreams that God gave her before we began a courtship were so miraculous. So when God is in it; it si beautiful. All the struggles are all worth while!

Tanya said...

I've just entered into a relationship and I must say they he and I were chosen for each other in the spirit. Currently everything that we do is based on the word of God. I intend to purchase your book. The videos and blogs have been so inspiring.