Saturday, September 27, 2008

Q&A with Lacresha Hayes

Q: What makes your book special?

A: It's easy to understand and apply. There's not a lot of psycho babble like most. This is real people talking about real issues. There's biblical reference, mostly Song of Solomon, one of the most beautiful books in the Bible. There's stories from real people. It's just a great tool because it combines the best of all things marriage related.

Q: Did you and your husband find any vulnerable areas in your marriage as a result of this book?

A: Yep. We were able to repair several things that we hadn't paid much attention to before. We were able to identify some communication issues and get it fixed up. It was just an all around blessing, as my husband has said.

Q: Give us a run down of what to expect in the book.

A: Well, there's a couple's section, a women's section, a men's section, stories from real couples, and intimate exercises. It is jammed with tips, ideas, hard truth, and opportunities for personal and corporate growth. You can expect to come away from the book with your eyes wide open.


Vicky Warren said...

Nice little interview. Could have been longer.

Love you little woman.

Lensey Hayes said...

Hey Wife! LOL Great interview you are such a awesome inspiration!
Keep it up sweetie.

Your PoohBear,


Lacresha on Writing, Women and Wisdom said...

HEYYYYYYYY! Trying to outdo me again. I feel 2cm tall now because I didn't get to leave you a comment. LOL!

Anyway, I'm going to leave one shortly.

Love you Pooh Bear

Veronica Ricks said...

Enter me into the comments drawing.

I can't get the book right now, but I plan to get it.

Like the interview. Intriguing.

unwriter said...

Where was this book when I needed it? sheesh. Oh well, maybe this next time. I'll have to get a copy because if I want this relationship to work this time, I want to see that couples section. I probably should stock up on duct tape to, for the repair work.

Kim Jamison said...

Thanks for the details. I'm going to order it first thing Monday morning. I hope to win something.

Lacresha on Writing, Women and Wisdom said...

ROTFL at you, Ron. You're funny. LOL! Yep, I had to. Now, when I get a bit mouthy, Lensey just says something about the book. Shuts me up in two seconds flat. LOL!

ggiles said...

Wow! Just from reading the comments... I am looking forward to reading this book! We need strong marriages! Thank you for writing this book!

Glenda Giles

conarnold said...

I'm looking forward to getting and reading the book! I was in this morning and ordered it, but this Q&A with you, Lacresha, wasn't up yet. It's wonderful that you have found yet another way to help others!

Susan Langford said...


I'd received an ARC, but I just purchased the book. I plan to give it to my sister.

Janna said...

I love the idea of incorporating Song of Solomon into a marriage - not enough people truly understand what its about...

ryanx6 at msn dot com

Casey Ann said...

Interesting. I'll try to make it to a few of your stops.

Camille said...

Purchased a copy.

Tinisha Johnson said...

Nice. Short. To the point. Good job, lady.