Friday, April 3, 2009

Loving Her

Men, did you know that one thing your wife craves more than anything is your support? Women like to feel protected and loved in a marital relationship. They want to be free to be themselves. To love a woman is to listen to her. There's no way around it. No amount of gifts will replace your arms. No amount of money will be an adequate substitute for your listening ear.

I know that when you fall in love, you want to spoil your spouse. And, I'm not telling you to hold off on gifts. I am telling you to not expect them to replace YOU. If you married for love, she didn't marry your money. She didn't marry your assets. She married YOU. When a woman hurts, she wants YOU.

To love your wife, listen to what she says and care enough to discern the things she can't say. When you love her like this, you could go broke, you can become ill, you can have a string of bad luck, but she won't go anywhere.

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princessdominique said...

All right now this is powerful. Parents do it with kids too. Things don't replace human touch and contact. You are absolutely right!