Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where is He? The Perfect Man

I imagine that most women my age are over the idea of a perfect man. Still, it behooves me to get into that anyway. I've listened to women complain about their husbands for years. He's either not "this" enough, or he's too "that" all the time. It's amazing really if you log our complaints according to importance, most of them wouldn't even rank a one. Yet, those complaints can drive a wedge between the husband and his wife quicker than you can bat your eyelashes.

Who is this perfect man women seek? Is he tall, dark and handsome? Is he intelligent, someone who knows everything about everything? Is he humble? Or, does his confidence fill a room as soon as he enters in? What does this man look like? What does he smell like? What do you imagine he feels like? How does his voice sound? What tune does his heart make in your ear when you lay your head upon his chest? In fact, the biggest question of the night is WHERE is this man?

I don't frankly believe in perfect people. I especially don't believe in the "perfect" man. Maybe that's because I'm not the "perfect" woman. However, I do believe in the perfect man for ME. I believe that whoever you're married to is the perfect man for you. If you erase the familiarity of him being your husband, it brings you right back to when he was your crush. It brings you back to when he was your "Boo" as some say. It brings you right back to when you could focus on nothing but him. It brings you back to when you actually believed he was your knight in shining armor, or whatever it was you most desired back then. Without the familiarity, the man you married is the same one you used to obsess over pleasing. He's the same one whose voice made you melt into a puddle of goo. Yes, that man you married is that same guy who could make you blush just by looking at you too long. Don't you remember? He's "THE ONE!"

Where is this perfect man? Where is he? He sleeps right beside me every night. I'm sure most of you, if you really consider what I just wrote, will feel the same way about your perfect man... He's right there beside you!


Susan, PR Services Unlimited said...

Excellent article. Thanks for tweeting with me.

Nichole Osborn said...

You are so right. He may really drive me crazy some days, but who would put up with a lot of my issues. Thanks.

Leigh Laurence said...

Excellent article, Lacresha. You should consider sending some of your writings in to various magazines. I know Charisma would probably publish some of them. Thanks for believing in me.

The High Powered Woman said...

You had me going for a moment, there. I think you made valid points, if not a bit sentimental. But then again, marriages lack sentimentality today.