Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welcome to the Book Launch Party

We are delighted to be launching our book, Truth and Intimacy: A Couple's Journal. This book is a super special marriage-building tool.

Summary: Weddings happen in a day, but building a happy and healthy marriage takes a lifetime and much diligence. It takes sacrifice and love, understanding and patience, all of which is are traits that must be developed. This book is about developing the traits necessary to have a successful marriage.

Most couples don't get married with the intention of getting a divorce one day, but sadly most people have experienced at least one failed marriage. This book helps prevent that by teaching couples how to relate to one another.

This book has it all, marriage advice, stories from real couples, scriptural references, discussion points, and a question/answer/journal section for couples to identify their strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments.

Today, we make a big push for a book that we believe can help revolutionize your marriage.


Vicky Warren said...

Nice summary. Marriage is not easy but is workable. Even with the "perfect" man, we make mistakes and sometimes feel miserable.

Marriage isn't easy. LOL!

Gloria Martin said...

It's special what your book can do for couples that struggle. I'm glad you wrote it. I just ordered 2.

Connie Arnold said...

I ordered your new book and look forward to reading it. I'm sure there is good advice and interesting stories even for those of us with good marriages. I pray it will be a blessing to many and help them learn to have the love, understanding and patience to make their marriage work. God bless you both, Lacresha and Lensey!

Janna said...

I'm excited for you - this looks like a great book!

ryanx6 at msn dot com

Karen Tims said...

Less comments on this one and more of a chance for me to win. LOL! Girl, I wish you and your husband all the success in the world. I ordered 5 copies. Does that get me 5 entries? Just foolin'

I wanted to announce that I'll have my review of this book up early October.

Alicia Grimes said...

Lensey and Lacresha,

I applaud you.


Lindylou said...

Congratulations on your book launch! The cover is beautiful. It definitely takes a commitment to God beyond a commitment to your spouse - after being married 24 years - it is God alone that has carried our marriage through every arguement, tear, threat and pressure. Without God, I can firmly say, I would not be married to the best man God could have ever picked out for me. No one comes close to how dear and perfect he is for me. Thank you for working together to make marriages stronger.

Blessing to your marriage!

Felicia said...
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Felicia said...

Sorry, had to delete the last comment. I was trying to say that it hurts to love like that. Everything is amplified it seems. I've threatened to leave my husband so many times, but God keeps me fighting.