Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Excerpt to Feast Upon

There comes a time in marriage when you must forcefully call to remembrance the former things because the pressures of life have drowned them out. People sometimes forget what made them fall in love and choose the mate they now have. Wives forget how charming their husbands once were. Husbands get accustomed to clean houses and meals on the table and forget how life was without their wives. But there was a time. Yes, there was!

There was a time when the sight of your wife made you feel excited and more complete both inside and out; when the sight of your husband made your knees weak. There was a time when a smile melted your heart and sweet nothings were your breakfast and supper. There was a time when getting up an hour early for your spouse was a reasonable request. In fact, it was an honor because you loved your mate so much. You thought about your wife all day long at work. You thought of your husband and eagerly awaited his return home. You both feasted on the other’s smile, words, hugs and kisses. Those are the times that should never die.

Alas, some things seem to die all too quickly. They seem to drown in a pool of responsibilities, disappointments and pain. It seems as if those were the good old days, ones that it takes effort to even remember. It may even seem like a distant memory of another lifetime. But, it wasn’t. It was you and the person of you now have. It was you and the one you couldn’t see yourself living without. It was this man and this woman, the two who are reading this book together. What happened to you both? How did you ever slip so far away from one another that you no longer appreciate the beauty, the "fairness" in Solomon's words, of each other?

Excerpt from Truth and Intimacy: A Couple's Journal

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Debbie Todd said...

Powerful and moving. Loved this excerpt. There was a time, but I better not get into it. LOL!