Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What does commitment mean if it isn't tried? Unfortunately, most of us make commitments based upon favorable circumstances. That's common. It can be found anywhere. But marriage isn't for those who cannot endure tough times. Commitment is a promise that remains in place rather times are good or bad, prosperous or skim, rather in times of health or illness, times of boredom or excitement. Commitment isn't commitment if it cannot endure trials.

In these times, everyone is looking for someone to believe in them, to witness their lives, to understand their pain, to share in their joys and stand beside them when all others run away. That is supposed to be the beauty of marriage. Today, renew your commitment with your mate. Don't wait on some ceremony or big date. Do it now and do it everyday. Don't see yourself as a lone person anymore. See yourself as part of an entity much larger and greater than you and stay fully invested in it.

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