Sunday, February 27, 2011

Room to Grow

There are times when relationships change. Because people are mutable, relationships by default are too. Things change, but that doesn't mean you can't protect your marriage in the midst of those changes that occur.

As you move through life together with your mate, remember that your spouse is human. That person is changing, evolving as lessons are learned and situations happen. Give your mate room to grow and choose to grow with them. Don't get so comfortable in the relationship that you begin to take your spouse for granted, assuming everything will always be how it has always been. Rather, look for the opportunities to share growth together. Share in all times, good and bad. This is the makings of a good marriage!


The Old Silly said...

This is so true. Having been married 34 years, going thru all kinds of changes (her and I), separated a couple times, back together, you just have to realize that the woman (man) you married is not going to be the same person as the years and decades roll by. You have to love the CORE being, not the peripheral stuff, and go with the flow ... if you want and are willing to work to make a relationship last, hmm?

"Uncle Marv"

Emanuele Dal Canto said...