Saturday, July 24, 2010

Victorious Marriages

Victorious marriages are those who endure hardships and even through shakiness manage to come out on top. No marriage is without its hardships because this life can be uncertain. Looking for a perfect relationship is foolish. Instead, we should focus on perfecting our imperfect relationships by focusing on love and understanding, the foundation of a healthy relationship.

For my husband and I, our relationship with God has been the glue that holds us together when everything else seemed to be shaky and unstable. From there, we had to learn how to love one another and make special efforts to understand one another. It's so easy to fall into selfishness and self-righteousness, but a victorious marriage is one where both parties make every effort to consider one another in all things whether present or absent from one another. 

If you want a victorious marriage, the first step is to step outside yourself and focus on understanding the person in front of you, the one you vowed to love and honor for life.

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