Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Value of Commitment

Love cannot be truly summed up in emotions alone. Emotions are great, but there'll be times in a relationship when you won't feel the heat of passion or desire to cuddle and hold hands. There will be times when the stress of life might overshadow the romantic feelings of marriage. Does that mean the thrill is gone and you need to go with it? Heck no!

We need to understand the value of commitment. Commitment is precious because it is an institution that operates outside of feelings. It is an issue of will. You have to have a made up mind to keep your marriage healthy in order to survive the ebb and flow of relationships and emotions, hardships and mishaps. A simple prayer to start your day with could be:

Father God, give me the ability to see my spouse the way you see them today, to love them how you love them today, to minister to them as if ministering to you today, and to forgive them like you have forgiven me today. 


Kathy said...

So very true!!! Love the prayer!!

Dolores Ayotte said...

Great post. You are very right about marriage and the commitment it requires to sustain the ups and downs of a very sacred union.

Dolores Ayotte said...

It's me again...I love the theme of your blog. I have one too, called "A Wo-Man's Voice" I would be very honored if you would write a post for it or share one of these.

Please check it out and if you're interested leave me a message on my FB wall and I will send you my email address. Thanks! :)