Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Tribute to Lensey

It's been a little while that you've been away from me. I know that God is certainly using you where you are right now. I see the evidence meeting me at the mail box. Still, I miss you terribly bad, to the point of tears daily, because being without you is like trying to walk around with a broken foot.

Seems every year, we go through those moments of separation and then sweet reunions. I dare not complain because I knew I was marrying a special man of God whose gift would take him to places far and wide. Yet, if I could have but one selfish moment, I'd gladly give anything to be held by you right now, to pray with you, to seek God with you. You are such a strong man, someone who is constantly showing me how God expects us to behave in the middle of trials. I don't know when exactly it happened, but somewhere along the way, I think you became my stand-in with God. Now, you're where you are and I'm here rebuilding my own personal relationship without any stand-in. And all of that proves what I guess I've always known... you are the glue that holds everything together. You're the better part of my life.

I miss you very much, and since this note is very public, I won't say much more than to tell you I greatly appreciate all you have done for me. I appreciate your constant sacrifices. And most of all, I appreciate you being you. I love you, Mikey.

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Christine Taylor said...

This is so sweet.