Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Marriage Demands Sacrifice

Contrary to popular opinion, being married requires sacrifice on behalf of each person involved. Both parties have to be willing to give themselves over to an institution bigger than self. Though there is nothing more wonderful than a happily married couple, there's also nothing that requires more persistence than two people maintaining that happiness.

Marriage is meant to last until death. It's supposed to be permanent. If that's the case, petty issues are not worth damaging a lasting relationship, are they? Why argue about the toilet seat and socks and clothing being left all over the floor? Why argue and say hateful things to one another about who does the most work around the house? It's petty and can cause damage that lasts well beyond the moment it takes to say hurtful things.

To build your marriage, you need to be willing to sacrifice your opinions. You need to sacrifice your pet peeves, even. You need to sacrifice your desires sometimes too. This is marriage. It is a lifetime of sacrifices that pay off with peace, togetherness, love and trust.

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Heather said...

Hi Lacresha! I can't seem to locate your email address and you are supposed to be my Feature tomorrow at The Gift Closet. Can you email me so I can get the details from you? Thanks & hope you re doing well! :)