Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sharing Life

Marriage is about sharing your life with someone else. You share your love, your passion, your desires and your resources. You share your fears and your dreams. That is marriage.

When you have a husband or wife, you have someone with you that can say they were there when you were low and when you soared. They were there when you fell and when you got back up. You have someone who won't laugh at your pain, but who will apply healing salve, a bandaid and prayer. That is marriage.

When you join yourself to another, you gain the wealth of knowledge and experience brought in by your mate. You gain extra counsel for times when decisions must be made. Though sometimes it can feel like a thorn stuck in your flesh, more times than not, that extra voice of reason keeps you grounded. That is marriage.

Don't be afraid to share your life with your spouse. They deserve all of you. Take it from us, when you make that choice, you open a door to something that words will never accurately describe.

Lacresha Hayes
(Dedicated to Erica and John Newton)

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