Saturday, September 27, 2008

Close Out Report

Today has been a full day just managing all the comments and cups to pull from. I wish you all could have won something, but your chances aren't over. We are filled up for the month of October. We'll be giving out paragraphs here and there as teasers. We're going to give something away at every stop.

Today, the blog broke 100 unique visits in one day, which is a big deal for us because this blog is still so very young. I just installed the Sitemeter and I'm happy I did.

I want to thank my family for their support in supplying nearly all the gifts. They were a huge blessing. I want to thank all my faithful Pretty, Prosperous, Powerful followers who ventured over here to show support. Tomorrow, it'll be business as usual, but tomorrow also kicks off our blog tour. We'll keep updates at all our blogs. Keep us in prayer.

I'd like to thank my husband, Lensey, who is also my publisher at Living Waters Publishing Company. He sacrificed a full work day to help me manage this book launch. Saturdays are full days for him. So, thanks darling. Love to everyone!


unwriter said...

I didn't win a prize, yet I won more than many. I have made two friends and get two days to host these wonderful people. This is a book I'll cherish. Thank you Lacresha for letting me host you on Oct 1 and 2.

Karen said...

LaCresha, I had a full day at a writing workshop, so I didn't make it to your party! But it sounds like everyone had fun. Congrats on launching your book.

©Hotbutton Press said...

Looks like a nice start to the blog book tour. Will stop by from day to day. Many blessings!