Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Steal Away

Every blue moon, my wife and I have to steal away from everything and be together. I'm not speaking of being in the same place. I'm not even speaking of the nightly or weekly mandatory sex. I'm talking about a time for us to refresh each other emotionally, physically and sexually.

Unfortunately, we live in a sex-crazed society. There are half-naked women on nearly every television station, billboard or street corner you see. And men, unfortunately, are sometimes sight driven creatures. It takes a strong love for God and devotion to wife to stay clean of the mess that is everywhere you step. When our love tanks are empty, the trial multiplies in strength. However, we cannot blame it all on our wives.

Men, we have to express ourselves. I'm always patient with my wife, but I'm also honest. I tell her when I need her to minister to me in the way only she can. I tell her when I need to be held and loved and complimented and built up. And, I trust that she loves me enough to make a sacrifice to keep our home fires burning strong. This is what I mean by stealing away.

When was the last time you took your wife and ran off with her for a few hours or a few days? There's some things you just can't replenish in the hours after work when children and friends are around, or right before bed when everyone is exhausted. Some people call it a vacation, but we call it stealing away. You should make an appointment for intimacy with your spouse today and steal away for a little while.

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John said...

Caught you on ning. Men don't talk like this much and i'm glad i made the trip through here
My wife and i need some time away from it all.